The One Yard Apron

Sustainable soft good

This apron is the result of a reflection on the principles of eco-design applied to soft goods. How can one minimize the impact on the environment of the soft goods and clothing industries? This can partly be made by the choice of material, by optimizing the pattern’s design to limit the farbic waste and by simplifying the assembly processes to ease the recycling at end of life.

No wasted textile: The pattern’s design is done so that the TOTALITY of the fabric is used. With a piece of fabric that is one yard long and 62” wide, it is possible to make two aprons that are fitted with a front pocket and an adjustable strap.

A single type of material: The apron, fabric and thread, is entirely made from cotton. This will simplify the triage by materials once it has reached the recycler, where it will either be converted into rags or shredded.

Shredding is a process that transforms fabric into fibers that, for example, could later be used in the production of industrial felt.

No contaminants: The apron is solely assembled by sewing, without any metal (ex: rivets), plastic (ex: zips) or leather (ex: labels) accessories. These accessories are considered like contaminants because they have to be removed for the clothes prior to being shredded, which represents a extra fastidious and costly production step.

So far about 30 examples were sold, including 10 for the SAT’s Foodlab waiters and waitresses!

At this time, we hold 6 in stock. If you wish to purchase one, please contact me at bonjour @

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  • Model : Maude Rochette Photo : Sébastien Roy
  • Inside printed logo
  • Laser cut labels with the only piece of fabric left from the pattern sewn on the cardboard.