The eggphone

Social VoIP desktop application interface
Montréal, 2008-2009

The eggphone is the first version of the social VoIP application developed by babyTEL Inc.. I worked very closely with the developers to create an attractive and user-friendly interface for this web based product. It was designed to enable Facebook users to make calls, send voice messages and chat with each other for free. I developed the general look and feel of the interface and created all the icons and buttons. The more pleasant moments I had working on the project were most certainly when I had to create the background images that we referred to as “skins”. My imagination had no limits!

Gladly, the eggphone has been replaced by a new version that no longer shows an egg shape. The new app is called Telephone and a write up on the project can be found here.

  • The eggphone application, with a Facebook web page behind.
  • Icons and buttons developed for the application.
  • Some eggphone skins by themes, from left to right, Arabian night, Summer sports, Bollywood, Seasons and Animals.