Tangible Studio

Developing a new industrial felt
Montreal, 2008 until now

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Material first
Tangible Studio his developing an entirely new type of non-woven textile (felts), entirely made from post-consumption fibers. The felts are offered in a complete palette of colors, without any dying processes.

Common non-woven textiles made with waste materials will often display a typical gray-ish base, interspersed with surfacing colored treads. These so-called industrial felts are frequently used as sound absorbents under floating floors, insulation soles in boots or between machines parts to absorb motor vibrations. In all of these applications, little attention is given to æsthetics (which is totally fine).

But what if we wanted to open new markets for those non-woven textiles using recycled fibers as a primary material? Taking advantage of their extraordinary sound absorbent properties, industrial felts could be used as a great alternative interior design material for ceilings, wall coverings and open-air office divisions.

While learning more about the fabrication process of non-woven textiles—during the last two years I have visited clothes recycling centers, shredding and industrial felting factories mostly in the Montréal area, but also in Beauce—, I thought of a way to create a new breed of industrial felt using existing processes and infrastructures. My only intervention or change to these established processes would happen at the very beginning of the production cycle. That simple change, carried through the entire process, will give the final textile a definitively more attractive look.

The products
The first products I intend to develop for Tangible Studio with the colored non-woven textiles are interior surfaces covering—like ceilings and walls—as well as self-standing and suspended space dividers. The sound absorbent panels are adapted to architects and interior designers needs by offering them a wide range of colors, and also unique, tridimensional patterns made by laser cutting and folding techniques. The primary function of these panels is to absorb sound waves in interior spaces such as open-air offices, board rooms, entrances, corridors, theaters, exhibition centers and much more. To respect the construction code (in Québec, the ASTM E-84 law), the felts will be treated with a non-toxic flame retardant.

Tangible felt panels made with recycled fibers are æsthetic, acoustic and eco-friendly.

  • Colored felt samples : pink, white, off-white, beige, yellow, light green, baby blue, navy, grey, black, olive, chocolate, terra cotta, red and plum.
  • Pattern made only by assembly, no stitches or glue.
  • Detail.