Suspended felt ceiling

Tangible Studio’s architectural felt product
Montréal, 2012

This first product, a sound absorbing suspended ceiling made of recycled felt, was commissioned by Sid Lee Architecture and installed at the Cercle Carré, a residential co-op for artists located in Montréal’s Old Town neighbourhood. The piece can be seen in the building’s common area, Espace Cercle Carré, a space that is used as a venue for both special events and exhibitions.

The suspended ceiling is intended to bring life and warmth to a space that has a concrete floor and ceiling. The 72 square foot felt ceiling appears to have a life of its own, playing with light and shadow on it’s wave-like shape and repetitive circular patterns.

The ceiling is custom made with 1200 pieces of recycled industrial felt imbricated into one another, and is comprised of about 60 suspension anchors. Additionally, it is fire retardant to meet standards for interior textiles.

This project represents Tangible Studio — my company — ‘s first client commissioned work.

Special thanks to Philippe Bergeron and Ali El-Darsa for their help during the installation.

Photo credits: Pierre-Alexandre Poirier

  • The waves are created by the natural force of gravity, giving an organic and lively visual style to the material.
  • Detail of the subtle suspending anchors.