Pas manouche, c’est louche

Record sleeve
Client: Christine Tassan et les imposteures
Montréal, 2009

Christine Tassan et les imposteures is a ‘manouche’ (or gypsy) jazz band. The band members, Christine Tassan, Lise-Anne Ross, Martine Gaumond and Blanche Baillargeon wanted something feminine, with a bit of humor, but also different from the ‘traditional’ image of most gypsy Jazz bands. We played with the sensual aspects of bare legs and cute red nail polish, somehow contrasting with the very urban and gritty decor of a Montréal back alley. Knowing that every time the band goes on stage, the musicians wear red shoes, the inside of the album shows the girls trying to catch their shoes, which are running away from them.

For this project, Pierre-Alexandre Poirier and I created the entire album artwork, from the concept, photoshoot, photo editing, layout, through the follow up with the printer. While Pierre-Alexandre dealt mainly with the technicalities of the project, my role was to be art director, designer, and main client contact.

They printed a first run of 3000 copies, which were all sold.

  • Front cover.
  • Back cover.
  • All six panels.
  • Close up of the actual album
  • Sketches of the chosen concept
  • Proposition no.2
  • Proposition no.3