Fruit enhancer
Montréal, 2005

Murmure is a playful fruit rack that gives it’s owner(s) the pleasure to create fruit sculptures.

Inspired by the slow food movement, my teammates and I worked on a way to ‘glamorize’ fresh fruit in our kitchen by having them well-displayed, visible and seductive. The more fruit there is in Murmure, the more they take center stage as the object itself (aluminum spindles and transparent acrylic plate) subtly disappears into the background. From a perception standpoint, our intention was to mimic the way in which a person picks a fruit from a tree.

Throughout the development process, the project was presented to a group of some of Montréal’s best-known industrial designers: Claude Mauffette, Michel Swift, Jean-Francois Jacques and Michael Santella.

45 Murmures were hand-made by my two teammates and I. They were sold at the annual Christmas School of Industrial Design sale and also at the Souk@SAT. We’ve even been informed that some Murmures even found their way to Europe!

Academic project made at the Université de Montréal, with Marilyn Teuwen and Benoit Vézina.

  • Murmure, state of the art of fruit display.
  • The rack is meant to ‘disappear’ behind the sculpture of fresh fruit.
  • The product and it’s packaging.
  • Photo taken at the annual School of industrial design Christmas sale at the HEC.