Recycled sink chair
Université de Montréal
Montréal, 2005

For this unusual industrial design first-year basic design exercise, we were asked to use only recycled materials to create a chair that would have present a unique form language, as well as color and finish.

With no idea whatsoever about what we wanted to do, Jean-Charles, François and I went for the first time to the eco-designer’s paradise: the eco-centre! Tons of raw material waiting for us to find a way to reuse them. After hours looking for the right thing to bring back at the workshop, we stopped our choice on four metal sinks and an office chair leg. We ended up piling the sinks one on top of the other creating a repetitive pattern, reminiscent of an insect’s exoskeleton. To accentuate the lines, we painted the outside of the sinks in matte black to contrast with the inside’s shiny metallic finish.

With Jean-Charles Jeanneau and François Dusong
Professor: Michel Savage

  • The chair is made with four recycled sinks welded together.
  • Yes, it's strong enough to sit on it, but it's not really comfortable...