Electronic sketch book for inspired creators
Université de Montréal
Montréal, 2005

This project was met to juxtapose technology, sensuality and inspiration. This pocket-sized electronic sketchbook was intended for artists and creators always searching for a piece of napkin to put down an nascent idea. Taking full advantage of a myriad of technologies, the device lets the inspired creator draw or write an idea, take pictures or videos of what may have inspired them and even record their voice. The enhanced sketchbook will let its owner save, organize and share projects and ideas.

The choice of soft lamb leather and strong maple wood, two noble and natural materials, came from the idea that the device would live in it’s owner’s pocket like just like an old leather wallet does. Natural materials grow old in a beautiful way, whereas ‘usual’ mobile devices which are often made from cheap plastics, don’t. They lose their appeal as an object and don’t age gracefully.

Academic project realized at the Université de Montréal, with guidance from Professor Tatjana Leblanc and Itaï Azerad

  • Ideo is a pocket size electronic sketch book made of soft lamb leather and maple wood.
  • Use the pen to draw freely on the multitouch screen.
  • When flip, the device lay flat on surfaces as the to curved flaps fit into one an other.
  • How to take a picture and record your voice.
  • Interface mouvement to go to next page, go back and access the main menu.
  • Technical drawings.