Women’s clothing line
Personal project

This women’s clothing line was inspired by a trip I made to New York City in 2003, coupled with a slight unease about industrial garment manufacturing processes.

After a few years working in the Montréal Fashion District, I started wondering if it would be possible to produce pieces of clothing in the simplest possible way, far from mass manufacturing. The result of my explorations was a line of clothing, hand-sewed (with two to three stitches maximum) and all made from a single piece of fabric. In other words, even the sewing machine was been removed from the production process!

With this extreme simplification of the patterns and assembly methods, it seemed appropriate to try out a different distribution model. The concept was a “top shop on the spot” presented at the souk@sat (an annual Montréal designer and artisan Christmas sale) from 2003 to 2007. A selection of the different models and fabrics was be presented to the visitors/clients to try on. The clients would pick one fabric and one model and I would sew it right in front of them and in less then 40 minutes.

Year after year, the sales were a true success! Customers loved watching me make their clothes in front of them, unveiling the entire process before their eyes.

The inspiration for naming each model came from all the best qualities you can find in women that men just can’t get enough of: impatience, incautiousness, sophistication, susceptibility, jealousy…

Special thanks to Pierre-Alexandre Poirier for the photoshoot.

  • Impatiente — impatient
  • Pattern and assembly
  • Imprudente — incautious
  • Pattern and assembly
  • Sophistiquée — sophisticated
  • Pattern and assembly
  • Susceptible — susceptible
  • Pattern and assembly
  • Jalouse — jealous
  • Pattern and assembly
  • Hand-stitched details
  • Work and sale space at the souk@sat 2008