Audio Messenger

Audio message post on Facebook

Montreal, 2010

Audio Messenger is a small Java applet that lives inside of a Facebook web page. What’s fun with this app is the fact that anyone can record a message with one’s own voice and post it to one’s wall, a friend’s wall or even a fan page! The user can select how the speech bubble will appear on the News Feeds.

Audio Messenger is actually a single feature extracted from Telephone, the full-fledged (Java) application. It’s currently up for beta testing on Facebook. Get it here!

Audio Messenger and Telephone are R&D projects develop by an amazing team at babyTEL Inc.,

Talia Dorsey, project manager

Rajeev Ramtuhol, PHP programmer

Pierre St-Germain, Java programmer

and myself, user-interface and user-experience.

  • Audio Messenger's page on Facebook.
  • This is how an audio message appears on Facebook before pressing the "play" button.
  • Here's the audio message playing directly on the profile or news feed.